Predictions for 2013

Predictions for 2013

Predictions for 2013: More Cooking and Buying Benefits for You

Many factors have influenced the way we eat and buy food nowadays. Not only weather conditions have changed during the last years, but also we, as consumers, have modified our eating and purchasing habits. Nothing is static, everything is constantly changing. For this reason, we want to share with you some of the major trends that some analysts predict will happen in terms of who is doing the shopping and how consumers are eating.

The top 5 trends in the food industry for this coming year are:

More daddies are cookers and grocery shoppers

A study published in Forbes Magazine concludes that 51% of the men surveyed considered themselves the primary grocery shopper in their household. This means that, now more than ever before, men feel comfortable being the ones who go to the supermarket. Also, some studies suggest that more dads than moms are planning meals and cooking for the family. So if you are a male and you like cooking, this is good news for you because the food industry is now paying attention to your needs in terms of types of food, recipes, and promotions.

More meals, smaller portions

Several doctors and nutritionists recommend that, if you don’t want to gain some extra pounds, include in your daily diet more quality snacks and mini-meals. By doing so, you will not only reduce eating big portions of food in just three meals but you can also increase variety of food.

More breakfast meals for a better performance

A pilot study conducted to all students in four elementary schools in Minnesota revealed that breakfast drastically increases student attention, reduces behavioral problems and visits to the nurse, and improves their overall learning process in subjects like math. Now, people are focusing on not only having breakfast every single day, but also choosing higher quality-food that is high in protein—like eggs, yogurt, and milk—at cheaper prices.

More Frozen Foods

A survey conducted in 2010 by the market research company Packaged Facts revealed that 72% if Americans eat frozen prepared foods. Instead of decreasing, this percentage has increased in the last two years. Not only the FDA has proven that there is no nutritional difference between fresh and frozen foods, but also Americans don’t have enough time to cook. Frozen foods are great options if both you and your partners have jobs that demand more than 40 hours a week.

More food consciousness

According to The National Resource Defense Council, 40% of the food in the US goes uneaten each month. This means that almost half of the food we buy at the grocery stores goes directly to the trashcan. Since we are going through rough times, many people have started to realize the importance of using leftovers as a second meal. Also, Americans are now more responsible with the environment; as a result, they are recycling more.

Finally, if you want to save money and live healthier, all you need to do is make these five trends part of your habits in the new year to come!

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