More Daddies in the Kitchen: 5 Male Cooking Trends

Moms are not the only ones who enjoy cooking. A recent study conducted by Kraft Cheese found out that 99 percent of dads in the US are cooking for themselves or others every week.

The technological era has brought a very interesting phenomenon: many dads throughout the US spend time in the kitchen organizing their meal plans, and preparing and cooking delicious meals. Most of them, according to Kraft Cheese, are eager to try different recipes and use technology to search and print diverse recipes. This recent trend shows that dads are and adventurous and spontaneous while cooking, since they always want to try something different.

Some of the interesting findings that the Kraft Cheese survey yielded are:

1. Dads love dinner

Men want to make their significant other and their kids happy. One of the ways they do this is through their stomachs. Since dinner is usually when families have more time to spend together, dads prefer to cook for this meal time (63 percent) than for breakfast (22 percent) or lunch (7 percent).

2. Dads love cooking main dishes

According to the Kraft Cheese survey, the most common meals that dads usually prepare are chicken (84 percent), pasta (74 percent), sandwiches (67 percent), and burgers (64 percent). They also enjoy adding cheese to the different recipes they make. Their preferred types of cheese are Cheddar (24 percent), mozzarella (17 percent), American (10 percent), and Parmesan (10 percent).

3. Dads enjoy cooking

As mentioned above, dads are creative and spontaneous when it comes to cooking. In other words, they don’t see cooking as a chore but as a hobby they really enjoy doing. For instance, the website All Recipes conducted a survey in 2011 and found out that 82 percent of dads are enjoying their time in the kitchen.

4. Dads are better cookers, say wives

Over half (58 percent) of the women that were surveyed by All Recipes, said that their husbands are better cookers that they are. This percentage is growing since men decided to get involved in the kitchen and use their creativity to make amazing dishes.

5. Dad’s best friend in the kitchen is technology

Since the XXI century is dedicated to the millennial generation, dads use computers to print out recipes and smartphones or tables to search for recipes. Also, almost ¾ (70 percent) of the men surveyed by All Recipes said that, on their free time, they prefer to visit a men’s food website than a general food site. This might be because dads of this generation appreciate customization and specialization, both characteristics that they can find on a men’s food site.

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