May Day Ideas: A Basket for a Kiss

Are you ready to make your personalized May Day basket? Who’s going to be the lucky receiver of your gift? Grab some May Day ideas to make last-minute baskets so you can get your May Day kiss!

Colorful and beautiful baskets, that’s what May Day is for. During this holiday, people create great baskets filled with flowers and/or treats and leave them at someone’s doorstep. The purpose of this tradition is to give an anonymous gift to someone so, in other words, you’ll have to ring the bell and run away. If the receiver accurately guesses who the giver is, a kiss will have to be exchanged.

So, let’s get ready to impress someone with an amazing basket and probably you’ll be the lucky winner of a kiss! Use these basket ideas to show your creativity and spontaneity:

Paper May Day Basket

This is a great way to create an inexpensive and very-easy-to-make basket. You’ll also be able to create beautiful paper flowers with candies or chocolates glued on the flowers. Follow the steps here:

Cup May Day Basket

With a colorful store-bought cup, you’ll be able to make beautiful flower candy cups! Don’t forget to use the colors you like the most to show your personal style. Read the instructions here:

Cupcake Basket

Put some flavor to May Day by baking delicious cupcakes and turning them into colorful cupcake baskets. Read the instructions here:

Yogurt Container Basket

Are you a yogurt lover? If so, you can now recycle your yogurt containers and turn them into lovely May Day baskets! Include some lollipop flowers inside your handmade basket so the receiver can sweeten up his or her day. Read the step-by-step instructions here:

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