Kitchen Life Skills: 5 Lunch Packing Tips

Concerned about having enough time to pack lunch for your kids? Wanting to take your own lunch to work but can’t figure out what to include? If this sounds familiar, here are five tips that will simplify your lunch packing.

We are constantly in a hurry. If you are like the typical family, both you and your significant other work between 7 and 8 hours on weekdays. During your free time, you just want to lie down on the couch and watch some TV or just rest. However, you know that your kids are not eating what they should or you and your significant other have to settle with food on the go.

For these reasons, we want to provide you some tips that will make your lunch packing a lot easier:

1. Use leftovers. Repurpose the leftovers you saved from dinner and turn them into a whole new dish. This not only saves you cooking time, but also helps you save some money.  For instance, if you had pasta for dinner you can put some extra cheese or sauce and give it a different flavor. It’s all about being creative!

2. Keep it simple. Packing lunch for your kids, your significant other or for yourself shouldn’t take more than 12 minutes. Don’t look for complicated recipes with tons of ingredients. Instead, make simple meals such as turkey or ham and cheese sandwich or fruit cups. Buy food that you hardly need to prepare it such as yogurt, crackers, fruits, juice boxes, and snack bars. Laura Fuentes from The Nourishing Home website suggests staying away from anything that requires special gadgets, elaborate ingredients, processed foods and lengthy recipes.

3. Have containers ready to go. Buy several reusable, divided containers so you can put in each section of the container a different type of food. Just make sure that the containers are cleaned the night before because you don’t want to be washing them at 6 or 7 am in the morning so you can pack lunch.

4. Prepare ahead of time. You can start preparing for a weekly lunch packing by doing a quick lunch box grocery list and going to the grocery store on the weekend. Colorful fruits and vegetables, dairy such as yogurt, dips, and cream cheese; and cereals and snacks such as crackers, cereal, granola bars, and snacks are some of the things you need to include in your grocery list. Put all the food that doesn’t need any preparation inside the lunch box the night before.

5. Make your kids participate. You can teach your kids how they can prepare their own lunch box and make it their morning chore. The Cozi website recommends that this should become a habit. That way you will have some extra time for yourself and your children will learn that packing their lunch is their job.

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