Kids in the Kitchen

Kid in the Kitchen - Eat at Home MissouriGetting your kids involved with meal planning and preparing is one way to spend quality time together. Kids will learn healthy habits, budgeting skills, and learn how to cook for their future.

From smart snacking to fitting in family physical activities, keep your kids on the right track this school year with these tips. Provided by We Can! Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition

Eat Right

Learn the ABC’s of saving calories and money when you shop for groceries.

  1. Always use ads and store bonus cards, which may offer discounts on items like fruits and vegetables.
  2. Buy produce in season. Fall is often the best time of year to find a wide range of local produce.
  3. Compare brands and package sizes to find the best buy. Be sure to read the Nutrition Facts label on packaged food to choose products with lower numbers for calories, saturated and trans fats, sodium, and sugars.

This page will provide easy recipes and activities for kids to do in the kitchen!

Printable Activities

It is all about having fun. Click on the following links to download and print funny games and activities for your kids. They will love them!

  1. Dairy Maze: Tell your kids to help Hanna the cow find the cheese and milk she has produced.
    Download Dairy Maze »
  2. Juicy Coloring: This coloring page will help your kids develop their creative skills by painting fruits with different colors.
    Download Juicy Coloring »
  3. Yummy Word Search: Ask your children to solve the mystery puzzle by finding hidden words of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat.
    Download Yummy Word Search »
  4. My First Recipe Book: A good way to teach your children about the pleasures of cooking at home is to create a homemade recipe book. All you need to do is download the Recipe book cover page, as well as the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner layouts to make your own recipe book. Print as many pages as you need. Collect your kids’ favorite recipes from cooking magazines and cut them out so you can later glue them on the layouts you printed. Use a hole punch to make two holes at the top of the pages and use a string to tie them up. Decorate with stickers and let your kids write the reason of why they like each recipe.

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