How to Save Money

How to Save Money - Eat at Home MissouriEating at home can also help you manage your household budget. Planning your meals, making a list of the products you need, using coupons, and becoming aware of good deals are some of the ways in which you can save some dollars.

The process of saving money when buying groceries starts in your kitchen and ends in your kitchen as well. To achieve great results, make the following steps a habit:

Before going to the grocery store:

  • Build a family monthly budget and stick to it.
  • Create a meal calendar with your favorite recipes in advance.
  • Save all the coupons you receive and take them with you.
  • Check the store’s website for printable coupons.
  • Scan your fridge and pantry before leaving.
  • Create and check the running list of items you will need before you leave.

While at the grocery store:

  • Search for great deals.
  • Use the coupons you have saved in advance.
  • Make sure to look at the unit pricing.
  • Ask the store to match prices from elsewhere.
  • Have a calculator handy so you know how much you are spending.
  • Be aware for pricing errors at the register.

After going to the grocery store:

  • Create a price list/book of the products you purchase so you know when they are on sale.
  • Follow the meal calendar.
  • Eat no more food than needed.
  • Don’t waste leftovers.
  • Do a pantry and fridge inventory once a week to prevent food from expiring.

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