Happy Fat Tuesday: It’s All About Feasting!

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. This means that, if you follow the tradition, tomorrow is your last day to eat and drink a lot with no regrets. So, if you are ready to celebrate this festivity, we have gathered some of the best recipes that you can enjoy in this day with your family and friends.

Although Mardi Gras was celebrated this past weekend, the real “Mardi Gras day” is tomorrow. Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday”, which refers to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season.  According to About.com, many Catholic countries have acquired this tradition of feasting right before the beginning of the fasting season, which starts with Ash Wednesday.

If you are a Catholic, a Mardi Gras lover, or you simply enjoy tasting delicious food, try these recipes and celebrate Fat Tuesday with your loved ones:

Breakfast can’t get any sweeter

Start your Fat Tuesday day by cooking and eating a super sweet Cinnamon Bun Pancake from TastyKitchen.com (http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/breakfastbrunch/pancakeswaffles/cinnamon-bun-pancakes/). Who doesn’t love cinnamon, right?

Lunch gets flavorful

Celebrate Fat Tuesday with a touch of New Orleans style by preparing a delicious gumbo with bacon and sausage and seasoned with Cajun blend from AllRecipes.com (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/good-new-orleans-creole-gumbo/detail.aspx). If you are a chicken lover, try this tasteful Chicken and Okra Gumbo from TasteOfHome.com (http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/Chicken-and-Okra-Gumbo).

Dine like a King/Queen!

Nothing can beat a delicious Jambalaya dish! The combination of shrimp, ham, rice, and creole seasonings make this main course something exquisite that everyone will love. We recommend you to try the Creole Jambalaya recipe from TasteOfHome.com (http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Creole-Jambalaya). For those who like cutting the categories even during Fat Tuesday, try preparing a classic New Orleans sandwich, known as Muffuletta, from Delish.com (http://www.delish.com/recipefinder/muffuletta-2088). You can have a real Fat Tuesday dinner by eating only 390 calories!

Thirsty? Fat Tuesday is also about drinking!

If you are a cocktail lover, try preparing one or all of the drink recipes provided by DMagazine.com (http://sidedish.dmagazine.com/2012/02/21/what-to-drink-now-happy-fat-tuesday/). You can either have the Hurricane, which is one of the most popular New Orleans cocktails; On the Mark Sazerac, made with Bourbon whiskey and Peychaud bitters; or a Rosemary Frozen Margarita, which is made with tequila and lemon juice. For those who don’t like alcohol, try the Acohol-Free Mint Julep made with fresh mint leaves and lemonade from AllRecipes.com (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/alcohol-free-mint-julep/).

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