Mission Statement

Eat at Home Missouri Mission Statement

Eat at Home Missouri Mission StatementEat at Home Missouri is an initiative by Missouri Grocers Association to encourage consumers to develop healthy habits, become budget friendly, to eat together as a family and to promote the grocery industry in Missouri. This program seeks to educate customers about all the benefits of buying groceries at the grocery stores. You and your family can learn how to plan all your meals, learn new recipes, eat healthy, save money, spend more quality time together as a family, know where your food comes from, and many other benefits of eating at home.

MGA Mission Statement

Logo Missouri Grocers AssociationThe Missouri Grocers Association (MGA) is a non-profit, statewide, organization representing over 1300 members in the grocery industry. The MGA is proactive in state and federal legislation, provides regulatory representation, effective communication, and education on industry innovations to the members.

MGA is deeply dedicated to representing the food industry. Whether it is a supermarket chain, independent retailer, convenience store, wholesaler, distributor or vendor for the industry.

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